Scope of BBA Abroad After 12th: 10 Reasons to Pursue It


Scope of BBA Abroad After 12th: 10 Reasons to Pursue It

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Have you ever desired to be a part of a company’s or firm’s management team but didn’t want to wait until you had your MBA? Looking for a BBA degree abroad? A BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) degree is the best way to begin. A BBA degree abroad is a fantastic way to pursue a career overseas because it is highly valued in developed countries. It will open up a whole new bunch of opportunities for you. 

Management is a highly commendable job in developed countries, and this degree will indeed prepare you for it. With college education becoming increasingly expensive and students opting for alternative careers, outstanding managers are scarce, and a BBA degree may fit their requirements. 

Beyond education, the BBA degree scope includes a wide range of job opportunities. These are among the few courses that lead to high-paying careers in management and administration immediately after graduation. The country’s economy is booming, and many new businesses are springing up. Not all companies can afford highly experienced MBA executives. As a result, many organizations provide opportunities to BBA degree holders who are just as capable as an MBA-qualified manager. 



10 Reasons to Pursue BBA Degree Abroad 

  1. Study in best BBA colleges in world:  

BBA in foreign universities is expensive, so there are not many BBA graduates. Although, the truth is your BBA degree is similar to what they teach in most parts of the world. BBA degrees are among the most sought-after Business degrees, with some of the most significant colleges offering them. These are the best BBA colleges in the world, according to the most recent QS Rankings by Top Universities: 

  • Harvard University, US 
  • INSEAD, France
  • London Business School, UK 
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia 
  • National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore 
  • Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 
  • Bocconi University, Italy
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands 
  • Universitat Ramon Llull, Spain 
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong SAR 
  1. Globalization: 

The future is globalization. In recent years, the world has come closer because of easy travel and global communication. BBA grads would have a lot more opportunities to work abroad. A few decades ago, you needed a lot of luck and connections to be able to find a job or study in another nation. But not any longer. Globalization is also improving educational quality. Because of exposure to international markets and universities, the country’s courses have improved and are now on pace with global benchmarks. Globalization has also boosted work chances in the country for BBA graduates. Because of the opening of our markets, the world’s largest corporations have operations in India, and they hire the most management graduates. 

  1. International Careers: 

Who doesn’t want to work for multinational corporations, travel the world, and work in exotic locations? This is what a BBA degree abroad will allow you to do if you want to work. So, what exactly are these jobs? The following are a few industries where a you might lead to employment overseas. 

Management graduates are frequently hired in the import and export businesses to manage operations and other areas. The entire industry is reliant on international trade.  

BBA graduates might also find work in the products and services trade. This is one of the most rapidly expanding industries. 

Outsourcing is the process of sending work to a region that minimizes overall expenses. BBA graduates can get employment in this industry. 

  1. BBA Specialization: 

The BBA program is a demanding, intense, brutal, and insanely challenging degree (I’ll stop with the encouraging adjectives now, but you get the idea). BBAs are typically the most thorough management degrees available, providing relevant and valuable content. Nonetheless, BBA degrees have numerous iterations that might focus on various Business topics and specializations. As a result, you can find disciplines in: 

  • Marketing 
  • Finance 
  • Human Resources 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • IT 

Students can pursue these specializations both full-time and part-time, per their convenience. 

  1. Recruitment of New Employees: 

Some of the West’s most prominent countries are eager to bring in foreign talent. They do, however, look for solid qualifications, and BBA grads are highly sought after by these firms. Candidates with a BBA Abroad degree can work with big worldwide conglomerates and corporations such as Amazon, Citi Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Deutsche Bank, etc. Overseas talent brings a fresh viewpoint and new ideas. They also provide firms with insight into other markets and business areas, bringing growth potential. , If you have the chance to study BBA overseas, you may also gain work experience abroad, which will benefit your career. Getting work experience overseas will undoubtedly broaden your horizons and give you more exposure. A BBA degree will earn you a starting salary of roughly $44,000 per year in developing countries. However, as you get more experienced, the sky’s the limit. 

  1. Easy access to MBA: 

One of the most well-known abbreviations for a Master’s degree is an MBA, Master of Business Administration. Given how popular MBAs are and how many people apply each year, you should consider the benefits of a BBA for your career and how it increases your chances of getting into an MBA. Don’t get me wrong: you can apply to and get admitted to an MBA program without a BBA certificate, but you will need a Bachelor’s degree, even if it is in an area unrelated to business. And, because you already require an undergraduate degree and your heart is set on pursuing an MBA, starting with a BBA is the best move you can make. If you opt to do BBA from abroad, you can manage your MBA fees by working there. 

  1. Take a step towards independence: 

One of the most tremendous benefits of pursuing a BBA degree overseas is the opportunity to begin your professional career early. The curriculum of BBA courses is designed to equip dedicated students for an early, successful career in management. As a result, this training prepares you for complete financial freedom and security. This will develop and shape your personality in many ways. 

  1. Analytical Tools: 

International business is one of the businesses most open to technological advancement. Analytics is a critical component of this progress. You will be able to work overseas if your BBA degree incorporates the usage of analytics tools and accounting and taxation software, which will be taught there. Businesses are becoming more automated, and technology will change several industries. You can obtain work in a proper international location if you are a part of this shift. Analytics and software cut expenses, but they may also cut jobs. However, the person skilled in analytics and software will not be laid off. You do not need to be in the exact location to implement these tools and software, but you will be traveling across several countries for staff training. 

  1. Affordable: 

Yes, you read that correctly. When we consider studying abroad, we imagine that it will be expensive. However, with the growing demand for foreign education, there are numerous options for obtaining an international education at a low cost. For example, VIIE has partnered with top universities worldwide like The University of Toledo, Monash University, Royal Roads University and University of South Carolina Aiken to offer their students a 2+2 program. They can study for two years in India and the next two years abroad while earning a degree from a foreign university. You can save nearly 50% of your money this way. 

  1. Networking: 

Studying BBA abroad will help you increase your network. Throughout your education, you will meet a lot of different people. This will help you build your network and maintain relationships with the people who might be necessary for your professional and personal life.  


BBA is unquestionably one of the most excellent courses to pursue after high school. It will set you on the right track to a successful career and financial future. It will also benefit you in becoming a better person by making you wiser and more confident. There aren’t many undergrad courses that can achieve that for you. So, get a BBA degree and prepare for a fantastic study experience and job (maybe abroad). Taking the BBA course from the right college is as crucial as anything else. After obtaining a BBA, there are numerous well-paying work prospects in India and overseas. Furthermore, if you want to continue in academia and learn more, you can continuously pursue an MBA. 

Whatever your decision is, we wish you all the luck, and remember to always have fun and enjoy your academic studies! 

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