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    Program Benefits

    International Accepted Degree

    VIIE has established partnerships with several prestigious universities such as Penn State, Monash, Waikato, and many others. These partnerships offer students the opportunity to experience world-class education and earn degrees from reputed institutions which are Globally recognized.

    Get Upto 50% Merit Scholarship

    VIIE offers various scholarships to the deserving students, including the Merit Scholarship. Students who meet the eligibility criteria can receive up to a 50% scholarship on tuition fees.

    Admission Without SAT/ACT/GMAT

    VIIE offers an added advantage to students as they are not required to take the SAT/ACT/GMAT exam.
    Additionally, VIIE provides English proficiency test training, including IELTS and TOEFL, to students alongside the regular curriculum.

    Save 50% Cost By Studying 2 Years In INDIA

    The curriculum for our international degree is split between India and the university you selected, resulting in significant cost savings.

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