Cost of Studying In Canada For Indian Students


Cost of Studying In Canada For Indian Students

Home to one of the world’s best education systems and immigration options, Canada is an excellent country to develop one’s career and settle permanently in the long run. The world-class universities, cultural diversity, and friendly people make Canada a popular study destination for students worldwide. Canada is known to be an expensive country, but the exquisite experience that it offers is worth every penny. With a decent tuition fee and lifestyle, living expenses for students come under a reasonable budget.  

The cost of studying in Canada for Indian students is comparatively less than in the USA. 

Complete Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students 

1. Accommodation 

There are many options available for students looking to study in Canada. All the housing options are categorized into two viz. On-campus and off-campus.  

On-Campus Accommodation 

Several educational institutions provide on-campus student accommodation in Canada. Usually, these on-campus housing options are called dormitories, residences, and townhouses. The campus residence and dorms have several benefits: 

  • Be closer to classes
  • Save transportation costs that would otherwise be spent traveling to and from the college. 
  • Thrive within the student community and access the network 
  • On-campus living costs are relatively less, but not with every type of accommodation 
  • All-in-all access to amenities and support services provided by the institution 

On-campus accommodation may involve purchasing a meal plan, which allows students to eat meals at on-campus cafeterias. This enables them to spend less time cooking and more time studying. 

Off-Campus Accommodation 

Depending on your university or college location, you will find several options for renting a place in the city. While colleges and universities located in metropolis cities will have several options, the cost will also be relatively higher. There are usually both short- and long-term off-campus housing alternatives accessible wherever the school is located. 

Some benefits of off-campus housing are: 

  • A variety of options are available in the city. 
  • The students can choose accommodation according to their wishes and pay less than an on-campus arrangement. 
  • Off-campus student accommodation in Canada also means they will have more freedom in living and cooking. 
  • You can choose your flatmates. 

Because off-campus living has more legal precedents than on-campus living, you must carefully review the rental agreement’s conditions before signing it. Always check with the international students’ office of your college or university if there are any issues living off-campus. 

Besides these options, there are other options like:  

Homestay Program  

Under the homestay program, students are placed with families in their study area. Each homestay is unique and welcomes international students. The student typically has a room and shares meals and responsibilities with the family. 

Although homestays are more expensive in Canada, you will have more time to focus on your studies because host families will take care of most of the cooking and cleaning. 


Subletting is another form of arrangement where an existing tenant whose name is on the lease rents the apartment to another individual (primarily students). The lease will live there for the school year and then pass the apartment to another student. 

Rental Apartments 

This is simple; you will rent out an apartment and probably look for other roommates to split the bills and rent. You will share the living room with your flatmates and have different rooms. However, rental apartments are costlier, and you will also have to pay a security deposit. 

The table below will give you some clarity on the prices of the same:  

Type of Accommodation  Price (CAD) 
Dormitories 350 CAD – 600  
Townhouses 250 CAD – 650  
Shared Apartment 400 CAD – 800   
Unfurnished Apartment Rentals 300 CAD – 500  

2. Transportation  

Public transportation in Canada is well-connected efficient, and safe. To cut down on monthly expenses, students opt for public transport. Besides, cycling or walking to your college, depending on where you live, are also good ideas. You can avail student discounts while using public transport by showing your student I-Card. This is a great way to cut your monthly living expenses in Canada. 

Let us take a look at different transportation options available in Canada. 


Buses are the most commonly used mode of transport in Canadian cities. Toronto has the largest network of buses with 138 routes. 


When the road gets overcrowded, get underground! Subway is also very popular for local commute. 

Commuter Trains 

These trains are mainly for commuters who travel from the city’s periphery to the center. As a student, these trains might not be helpful to you regularly, but you can ride them when you wish to visit some towns around where you live. 


Biking is the greenest and the healthiest way to commute to your university. Many universities encourage their students to bike by mobilizing several drives and bike-share programs that allow students to use a bike without having to buy one. 


Taxis are available in all the major cities in Canada. Most cities have at least three prominent taxi companies, so you need to familiarize yourself with the different options. Metered fares are decided and regulated by the local authorities and are non-negotiable. 

The table below will give you some clarity on the prices of the same 

Type of transport    Price per month (CAD) 
Buses 100 – 150  
Subway 65 – 99   
Taxis (1 km) 40 – 50   

3. Food  

You will spend your backup money in the initial months before getting a part-time job to manage your spending. The necessary expenses will be restaurant costs or groceries if you are trying to cook. 

Let’s look at the standard cost of groceries and supplies needed for cooking on your own in Canada. 

Restaurants in Canada 

Meal Cost (Including tax and tip) (CAD) 
Breakfast 10 to 25 
Lunch 10 to 25 
Dinner 15 to  45 

Food and Beverages 

Food & Beverage Price per serve or per liter (CAD) 
Coffee 1.50  
Energy Drinks  6.3  
Soups 3.60  
Sandwiches 4  
Mineral Water 2.50  


Item Quantity 2020 Price (CAD) 
Eggs 1 dz 3.6 
Chicken 1 kg 7.21 
Bread 675 g 2.83 
Flour 4.2 kg 4.59 
Apples 1 kg 4.25 
Sugar, white 2 kg 2.45  
Ketchup 1 l 3.89 
Butter 454 g 5.17 

4. Internet & Data costs: 

Canada has one of the best internet speeds and data transmission rates, but a good plan comes with a reasonable price in order to afford the same. When you are at the university campus and staying in the university accommodation, you will get a free WIFI that will be included in your accommodation costs. 

Approximate price: 50 CAD per month  

5. Health Insurance  

Health insurance is another important part of living costs in Canada for international students. Certain provinces offer local health coverage to sure international students, either for free or for a premium. In these cases, international students are usually required to apply to their respective provinces. In places where provincial health insurances aren’t available, one has to purchase a private one. 

Approximate price: 100 CAD per month  

And lastly, the price of other Miscellaneous activities like movies, gym, etc., would be approximately 500 – 700 CAD.  


We hope this guide gives a fair idea of how much a student needs to spend a year in Canada to pursue their studies with relevant data and information (it could be an approximation but not the exact cost of living – because it varies from lifestyle to lifestyle)  

Regarding studying abroad, Canada is one of the most economical choices for international students. The overall cost of living in Canada for international students, with tuition fees being an enormous contribution, is slightly lower than other well-known foreign study locations like Australia and USA. 

Ensure that you make a thorough comparative study before choosing the country/ city you want to study in!  

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