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Are you passionate about media studies and eager to explore global opportunities? Don't miss our upcoming online event where we'll delve into the journey of taking your media education from India to abroad! Hosted by VIIE- Vidyalankar Institute for international studies, this event promises to be an enlightening experience for aspiring media professionals.
Join us as we discuss the myriad opportunities and challenges of pursuing media studies abroad. Whether you're interested in literary pursuits, public relations, journalism, or broadcasting, this event will provide invaluable insights to help you chart your path to success.

Event Highlights:

  • Literary & Creative Communication: Unleash your creativity and hone your communication skills to become a storytelling maestro.
  • Media & Public Relations: Master the art of shaping public perception and managing communications for brands, organizations, and individuals.
  • Print & Electronic Journalism:Dive into the dynamic world of journalism, where you'll learn to craft compelling stories for print and digital platforms.
  • Television & Radio:Explore the realms of broadcasting, from producing captivating television programs to engaging radio broadcasts.
Event Details

1 March 2024


6:00 pm Onwards


Online Webinar



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