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Monash University

Monash University is a global university focused on empowering people to make positive and lasting impact. It was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1958.
Monash has four local campuses throughout Victoria, an international campus in Malaysia, and centres in India (Monash-IITB Research Academy), Italy (Prato Centre) and China (Southeast University – Monash University Joint Graduate School). Each campus provides an environment that identifies and nurtures talent – and turns that talent into ability.
Monash’s researchers make highly significant contributions that bring real and positive change to the lives of people all over the world.

Why choose Monash University?


Monash is ranked within top 100 Universities in the world. In 2021, Monash was ranked 55th in the QS World University Rankings and 66th in the world in the 2020 QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

Australia’s largest university

With presence in three continents, Monash University is home to 86,000+ students from 160 countries and 17,900+ staff. Around 52% of Monash students are domestic and 35% are international students with 13% students in offshore campuses.


Global Network

Monash University has a global network of more than 330,000 alumni over the world and has 100+ partner universities worldwide.

Group8 University

Monash University has a global network of more than 330,000 alumni over the world and has 100+ partner universities worldwide.

Student Centered approach

Monash offers a variety of lecture sizes, tutorials, practical classes and a range of other learning activities in which students are active participants in the discovery and application of knowledge. Students benefit from sophisticated and innovative learning environments for example, pharmacy students create medications in a virtual laboratory; business students work in an immersive trading environment; and engineering students build and race real cars.


Shruti Sewlikar
Scored 118/120
Shruti was awarded Special Scholarship by ETS

Saaj Aryamane
GPA 3.5+
Saaj Aryamane from our 2018 Batch made it to Dean’s List 

Shubhra Sewalikar
GPA 3.5+
Graduated with dual Specialization in HR & International Business

Priyanka Athlye
Priyanka Graduated in May 2018
with Flying Colours with Marketing Specialization

BBA Placements

Vivek Anand
Cost Basis Associate

Aditya Nadkarni
Finance Consultant

Jinesh Dugar
IT Project Management
O&I Support Executive

Rajat Bangera
Supply Chain Specialist

Kaushik R
IT Professional

MBA Placements

Mihir Labade
Operational Intern
Chick -Fill A Franchaisee

Sayli Mhatre
Marketing Executive
Fortune Frontier

Shubra Sewlikar
HR Screener

Vrudhi Chandan
Operations Analyst
Goldman Sachs


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