Top 5 Universities in USA For BBA

Top 5 Universities in USA For BBA

Looking for the Top Universities for BBA? Have a dream to study in those IVY League colleges? Searching for nothing but the best for you? USA is the answer to all of your questions! 

USA is domestic to a number of the world’s highest-ranked universities for BBA in general. Studying BBA withinside the USA guarantees worldwide exposure. And college students can retain by pursuing MBA programs at reputed establishments withinside the country. You will discover countless universities in the USA for BBA programs, but these top 5 are what you should look for. 

Why choose the USA? 

  1. Top Universities around the world are here

When looking for education abroad, America boasts over 5,000 outstanding institutes, with approximately 16 of them rating a few of the pinnacle 20 withinside the world, demonstrating the exceptional of its studies and curriculum. 

  1. Offers Academic Flexibility

Because maximum college students are unsure at the start of their major, you can claim one at some point in the second year as it gives you sufficient time to explore, learn, and make a decision. 

  1. Higher Education Opportunities

Having earned a Graduation in Business Administration from a prestigious organization in the country complements your universal profile. Therefore, BBA in the USA is an excellent desire for college kids seeking to education abroad. 

  1. Employment possibilities

The job opportunities are good-looking for a BBA graduate with attractive beginning salaries at the same time as finishing MBA will cause better remuneration and higher job opportunities. 

What You Should Know About BBA in USA? 

A BBA degree in the USA prepares you for a global career, teaching you abilities that consist of  Risk management, Social consciousness, Integrative thinking, managerial skills, etc. With a global perspective, universities here train the students with in-depth business skills, making them valuable patrons to the organizations.  

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a pretty coveted instructional program that covers 3 to 4 years in general. You can choose specializations inclusive of Accounting, Worldwide Business, Management, economics, and more. 

Top 5 Universities With The Tuition Fees:

University Location Program  Tuition Fees 
Harvard University Cambridge, USA Business & Management Studies $51,143/- per year 
Penn State University Pennsylvania, USA Business & Management Studies $40,151/- per year 
University of South Carolina Aiken, USA Business Administration $30,000/- per year 
Beaufort, USA Business Administration $34,000/- per year 
Stanford University California, USA Business & Management $55,473/- per year 
University of Toledo Ohio, USA Business Administration & Management $17,000/- 

Note: All prices are indicative. 

Required Documents and Eligibility Criteria for Application. 

  1. SOP/Personal essay
  1. Evidence of English proficiency: TOEFL/IELTS or equivalent. Mandatory for non-English speaking country students. 
  1. Official high school transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale (~73-76%). 
  1. Standardized tests like SAT/ACT scores have to be submitted. Scores range differently for diverse institutes. 
  1. Two LORs
  1. Health Insurance is an obligatory requirement (especially for international students). 
  1. Course descriptions or syllabi from all post-secondary institutes attended (for transfer applicants). 
  1. Resume showing professional experience and community involvement. 

Eligibility Criteria 

University Av. SAT/ACT scores required Av. IELTS/ TOEFL scores required Av. High School GPA required 
Harvard University 1500 (optional) 6.5/ 80 4.0  
Penn State University 1265 (optional) 6.5 3.8 
University of South Carolina 560 6.5/ 77 3.7 
1020 6.5/ 77 3.6 
Stanford University 1505/ 32 7/ 110 3.7 
University of Toledo 900/16 6.5/ 80 3.0 

The Average Expenditure of Studying BBA and Living in the USA. 

  1. Studying BBA in the USA:  
  • It can cost you around $20,000/- to $40,000/- per year. 
  • Every year university upgrades its tuition costs, so keep yourself updated. 
  1. Living in the USA:  
  • It can cost you around $10,000/- to $25,000/- per year  
  • Most universities withinside the US provide on-campus dorms to international students. Living as a resident on-campus is an inexpensive option. 
  • You also can choose off-campus lodging, share flats with different international students or stay in a homestay with a nearby family. In such cases, you must be open to adjusting to a specific lifestyle.  
  • Remember, the leases/rentals range from city to city. 
On-campus $800/- to $900/- per month 
Shared rentals $470/- to $3,600/- per month 
Food/ Groceries $17/- to $42/- per week  
Travel $36/- in average 
Medical Insurance $700/- and $1,000/- per year 

Note: All prices are indicative. 

  1. How to save:  
  • By Scholarships: Finding financial aid and proper planning can significantly reduce the hefty price tag associated with getting an education abroad. 
  • By Part-time jobs: Support your expenses by doing part-time jobs. One can work 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during vacations. 
  • For work experience and job opportunities in the future, you can opt for Co-ed.  

Tips For Studying BBA in USA 

  • You can use the College Cost Calculator available on every official website of these universities. 
  • Keep a little money aside for grocery shopping, social activities, and emergencies. 
  • Keep track of your expenditures
  • Get medical insurance before the commencement of the program. 

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