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Bachelor of Business

1.5 Years in Vidyalankar & 2 Years at Australia

About Macquarie University

Macquarie University has achieved global recognition for its pre-eminence in critical research disciplines and for producing graduates who are highly sought-after professionals worldwide. Since its establishment in 1964, the university has strived to embody a distinct approach, free from the confines of traditional ivory towers and sandstone walls. Instead, Macquarie University is dedicated to fostering collaboration among students, academics, industry, and society. It encourages individuals to transcend the boundaries of their perspectives and actively contribute to effecting positive change.


The Macquarie University Wallumattagal Campus, serving as the main campus, is situated 15 kilometers from Sydney’s city center within one of the largest business and technology precincts in the Southern Hemisphere. The North Ryde location is well-connected to various destinations, including the city center, airport, beaches, residential suburbs, and prominent shopping and dining districts such as Chatswood and Parramatta, through the Macquarie University train station and a network of public bus routes. Read More –

City Conditions

For international students aspiring to study at Macquarie University in Sydney, the city offers a vibrant and multicultural environment conducive to academic excellence and personal growth. Sydney, known for its iconic landmarks, diverse cultural scene, and world-class amenities, provides a dynamic backdrop for students pursuing higher education. The city is well-connected with efficient public transportation, including trains and buses, making it convenient for students to explore not only the university campus but also the surrounding areas, beaches, and cultural hotspots. Sydney boasts a thriving international student community, fostering a welcoming atmosphere and offering numerous support services, including accommodation options, language support, and cultural integration programs. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Sydney ensures that international students at Macquarie University have access to a high-quality education while enjoying the cosmopolitan lifestyle and diverse opportunities the city has to offer.


The Central Courtyard Accommodation, situated at the heart of the University campus, provides an ideal living space for residents, eliminating any excuse for missing early lectures. In close proximity to this accommodation, residents have access to a vibrant food precinct with numerous cafes and restaurants, ensuring ample entertainment options. Additionally, the Sport and Aquatic Centre is conveniently located just a stone’s throw away. The accommodation offers diverse living arrangements, including Twin rooms, 4 Bedroom and 6 Bedroom apartments for those who enjoy communal living, as well as Studio and 1 Bedroom apartments for those seeking more privacy. With over 16 Common Rooms, Games Rooms, Study Rooms, a TV Room, and two Laundry Rooms, residents have access to a range of facilities. The accommodation also hosts a full calendar of Residential Events, fostering a sense of community, and features a dedicated on-site Security Team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Know More –

International student association

Macquarie University in Sydney prioritizes the well-being and success of its international students through a comprehensive array of support services. The dedicated International Student Support Services, as outlined on the provided page, cover various aspects crucial for a smooth academic journey. Academic support includes language assistance and orientation programs to help students adapt to the university environment. The university also places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of international students, offering counseling services and resources to ensure their physical and mental welfare. Additionally, the page provides valuable information on accommodation options, facilitating a seamless transition for students arriving in Sydney. Macquarie University’s commitment to international students is further underscored by the inclusive range of services, reflecting its dedication to fostering a supportive and thriving community for those pursuing education in Sydney. Read More –

Why Choose Monash University ?

For international students aspiring to study in Sydney, Macquarie University stands out as an exceptional choice. Globally recognized for its excellence in key research disciplines, the university offers a multicultural and innovative learning environment. With a prime location near Sydney’s city center and a focus on cutting-edge technology, Macquarie provides students with invaluable exposure to industry trends. The commitment to student support services ensures a seamless transition, making Macquarie University an ideal destination for those seeking a top-notch education that combines academic excellence with practical industry insights.

#1 in Sydney

Grad employment rate QS Graduate Employability Rankings, 2022Read More

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For connecting with industry & gaining employability skills

Great Career Outcomes

Almost all our students have been placed in renowned MNCs.

About Bachelor of Business

In today’s highly competitive globalized landscape, a comprehensive understanding of business is invaluable in numerous careers. Individuals possessing strong leadership skills, coupled with expertise in areas such as marketing, management, human resources, business administration, or entrepreneurship, are increasingly recognized as influential contributors to contemporary workplaces.
The Bachelor of Business at this institution offers a diverse range of foundational and forward-looking business units, preparing students for future roles across various industries. The program not only imparts knowledge but also cultivates essential employability skills, including leadership, strategic thinking, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and ethical thinking. These skills are highly sought-after in the rapidly evolving global business environment, positioning graduates for success in the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Level :


  • Duration :

    1.5 Years at Vidyalankar & 2 Years at Macquarie University (Australia)

  • Major :

    Bachelor of Business

  • Specialization

    • Business Administration
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Business
    • Management and Leadership
    • Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Marketing

Program Structure

Excellent Career Opportunities

So that you are equipped with the knowledge and skills employers require now and, in the future, we design many of our degrees in consultation with a range of industries and sectors. Having such experts involved in creating the fundamentals of your degree provides you with opportunities to contextualize you’re learning and gain the latest career insights.



1st Year₹1500Enrollment fees
₹4,00,000Tuition fees
₹0Living expense
2nd Year₹ 2,00,000Tuition fee
₹ 0Living expense
3rd YearAUD $43,200Estimated Tuition fee
AUS $23,000Living Expenses
4th YearAUD $43,200Estimated Tuition fee
AUS $23,000Living Expenses
*Fees might change as per the University Guidelines

Other Fees

ItemTentative Expense
Health InsuranceUSD $3000
IELTS Registration₹ 16,500
Sevis FeesUSD $350
Visa FeesUSD $185
AirfareApprox. ₹ 1,00,000

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