Northern Kentucky University – MBA

Northern Kentucky University – MBA


MBA in Northern Kentucky University - 1 Year in India + 1 Year in USA

About Northern Kentucky University

It all began in 1946 at the Trailways Bus Station in Covington, Kentucky. A handful of students and instructors participated in classes offered through the University of Kentucky’s educational extension services. The students were secretaries, recent high school graduates, and World War II veterans on the G.I. Bill. Northern Kentucky University students turn their passions into success stories. With more than 72 majors and over 14,000 students, NKU offers something for everyone – rigorous courses, innovative research opportunities, outlets for creative expression and much more. International Student & Scholar Services will support you each step of the way, from admissions to graduation and beyond.


The Institute for Student Research & Creative Activity (ISRCA) engages, supports, enhances and acknowledges the involvement of students and their faculty mentors in research, scholarship and creative activities throughout campus. ISRCA assists in growing the number and breadth of research, scholarship and creative activity opportunities for all NKU students.
  • Located in Highland Heights, Kentucky
  • Within Cincinnati metropolitan area
  • Four-year public university
  • Founded in 1968
  • Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
The Campus Recreation Centre is the place to be for fitness, sports, and socialising day or night! Whether it's playing basketball, or running on a treadmill, or swimming laps in the pool, there is something here for everyone. You can workout before or after class, as the Campus Recreation Centre is open seven days a week. Campus Recreation Centre membership is included in tuition/fees for all NKU students.

City Conditions

Northern Kentucky is located within a climatic transition zone and is at the extreme northern limit of the humid subtropical climate. Evidence of both humid subtropical climate and humid continental climate can be found here, particularly noticeable by the presence of plants indicative of each climatic region; for example, the southern magnolia, and crape-myrtle, from the subtropics and the blue spruce, maple, and eastern hemlock from cooler regions are successful landscape plants in and around Northern Kentucky. Some significant moderating variables for the overall climate of Northern Kentucky include: the Ohio River, the region's relatively large hills and valleys, and an urban heat influence due to the proximity of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky metropolitan area. The common wall lizard, introduced from Italy in the 1950s, is an example of fauna in the area that lends a subtropical ambiance to areas near the urban core of Cincinnati. Northern Kentucky is considered to be within the periphery of both the Midwest and the Upland South.


Looking for a place to call home during your college career? Residential Living at Northern Kentucky University is just the place. NKU has six different resident halls to choose from: Commonwealth, Kentucky Halls, Norse Halls, University Suites, Woodcrest Apartments, and Callahan Hall, all of which come furnished with the things you need.

Indian student association

Being a student at NKU means you will have more than a great classroom experience. Enjoy co-curricular learning opportunities from direct leadership training to interpersonal learning through active involvement with student organisations, campus activities and Greek life. Our lively campus community will welcome you and offer you endless opportunities to build lifelong skills, get involved, and create lasting relationships with others in the process. With a calendar that is filled year-round with activities and events, you'll find there's never a dull moment at NKU.

Why choose Northern Kentucky University ?

NKU is a growing metropolitan university of more than 14,000 students served by more than 2,000 faculty and staff on a thriving suburban campus near Cincinnati. Located in the quiet suburb of Highland Heights, Kentucky—just seven miles southeast of Cincinnati .NKU has become a leader in Greater Cincinnati and Kentucky by providing a private school education for a fraction of the cost. While we are one of the fastest growing universities in Kentucky, our professors still know our students’ names.
Northern Kentucky University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. NKU is also accredited by AACSB International, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, which represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.


Top Ranking

Generous Scholarships

With six campuses and centres in the NKU and a growing campus in Chandigarh, India

Generous Scholarships

Vidyalankar Students have been given Sisters Award Scholarship which reduces the expense substantially

Great Career Outcomes

Almost All our students have been placed in renowned MNCs.

Excellent Support

International Office is very efficient to handhold all International Students

About Master of Business Administration

Our Master of Business Administration (MBA) equips graduates for success and enhancement in the workplace. Your time is valuable, so we’ve designed the program around 5-week courses — allowing participants to move quickly through the curriculum. In addition to the flexible program structure, we offer a variety of concentration areas that emphasise the most in-demand topics in the marketplace.

Program Structure

  • The MBA course is a 2 year Full Time Masters Program.
  • Students who have successfully completed the first 2 Semesters of the Mumbai University MMS program at VIT
  • After successful completion of 2 semesters at VIT MMS program students can opt to transfer to Northern Kentucky University. Such students are accepted by Northern Kentucky University, directly into the 2nd year of MBA


Transfer Requirements

Excellent Career Opportunities

NKU MBA program offers unique specialisations that are needed in the market presently. Students can choose to do TWO specialisations. (Vidyalankar will identify which two majors can be offered based on market demand)

MBA [Masters in Business Administration]

Semester Course and Sub-topic Course Type
Semester 1 1.Management Functions and Organizational Behaviour Core
   a.Introduction to Management
   b.Planning and Controlling
   c.Organizing and Leading
   d.Organizational Behaviour and Perception
2.Business Communication Core
   a.Communication in Business Organizations
   b.Communication Theory
   c.Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
   d.Formal Conversations and making Oral Presentations
   e.Written Business Communication
   f. Negotiation Skills
3.Financial and Managerial Accounting Core
   a.Management Accounting: An Overview
   b.Using Financial Statements
   c.Cost Accumulation/Determination
   d.Profit Planning
   e.Cost Control
   f. Decision Making
4.Introduction to Information Technology Core
   a.IT in Business Environment
   b.IT Infrastructure
   c.Applying for Competitive advantage
   d.Achieving Informational and Organizational Goals
5.Managerial Economics Core
   a.Introduction, Utility of Managerial Economics, Equilibrium and Related Concepts
   b.The Theory of Demand
   c.The Theory of Production
   d.Pricing and Output Decisions
   e.Alternate Theories of the Firm
   f. Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty
6.Business Statistics Core
   a.Basic Statistics with Summary Measures and Graphic Representation of Data
   b.Basics of Probability
   c.Sampling Methods and Statistical Distribution
   d.Hypothesis Testing
   e.Analysis of Variance
   f. Correlation, Linear Regression and Time Series Analysis
Semester 2 1.Operations Management Core
   a.Basic Concepts
   b.Product and Process Design
   c.Facility Location Planning and Facility Layout
   d.Capacity Design and Planning
   e.Productivity and Work Study
   f. Materials, Purchasing and Stores Management
   g.Inventory Management
h.Management for Quality
i. Maintenance Management
2.Human Resource Management Core
   a.Introduction to Human Resource Management
   b.Acquiring and Deploying Human Resources
   c.Assessing, Rewarding and Developing Human Resources
   d.Management of Non-Executives
   e.Emerging Issues in Human Resource Management
3.Marketing Management Core
   a.Introduction to Marketing Management
   b.Analysing Marketing Opportunities
   c.Identifying Marketing Segment, Targeting and Positioning
   d.Formulation Marketing Strategies
   e.Marketing Decisions
   f. Managing and Delivering Marketing Programs
   g.Marketing in 21st Century
4.Economic and Social Environment Core
   a.Concept of Business Environment
   b.Political-legal Environment
   c.Economic Environment
   d.Technological and Socio-Cultural Environment
   e.International Economic Environment
5.Research Methodology Core
   a.Overview of Marketing Research
   b.Research Design and Formulation
   c.Measurement and Data Collection
   d.Data Analysis and Reporting
6.Financial Management Core
   a.Nature and Financial Management
   b.Capital Budgeting
   c.Financial Issue Management
   d.Working Capital Management
Summer Course 1.Supply Chain Management Core
2.International Business Core
3.Strategic Marketing and Analysis Core
4.Operations Management Core
5.Result Based Management Core
Semester 3 and 4 Specializations (Choose 2 majors to graduate)
1.    Accounting
   a.ACC 600 Accounting Skills Elective/Core if chosen
   b.ACC 604 Financial Accounting Elective/Core if chosen
2.    Finance
   a.FIN 620 Corporate Finance Elective/Core if chosen
   b.FIN 621 Investments and Security Analysis Elective/Core if chosen
   c.FIN 622 International Finance Elective/Core if chosen
3.    Leadership and Organizational Change
   a.MGT 620 Leading Organizational Change Elective/Core if chosen
   b.MGT 621 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Elective/Core if chosen
   c.MGT 622 Essentials of Project Management Elective/Core if chosen
4.    Innovation with Competitive Intelligence
   a.MBA 620 Ideation to Innovation Elective/Core if chosen
   b.MBA 621 Competitive Intelligence Elective/Core if chosen
   c.MBA 622 Ideation to Value Elective/Core if chosen
5.    Marketing
   a.MKT 620 Marketing Strategy Elective/Core if chosen
   b.MKT 621 Consumer Behavior and Insights Elective/Core if chosen
   c.MKT 622 Marketing Analytics Elective/Core if chosen
6.    Health Care Administration
   a.HSC 641 Health Law and Ethics Elective
   b.HSC 652 Healthcare Policy and Economics Elective
   c.HSC 631 Strategic Planning in Healthcare Elective
   d.HSC 621 Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement Elective
   e.HSC 511 Current Trends and Cultural Issues in Healthcare Elective
   f. HSC 651 Strategic Human Resource Mgt. in Healthcare Elective
7.    Healthcare Commercialization
   a.CHP 608 Healthcare Marketing Elective
   b.HSC 650 Healthcare Policy and Economics Elective
   c.CHP 609 New Product Development in Healthcare Elective
   d.CHP 610 Medical Language Elective
   e.MHI 665 Healthcare Quality Systems Elective
8.    Data Analytics
   a.MBI 660 Business Intelligence Development Elective/Core if chosen
   b.MBI 664 Data Visualization and Analytics Elective/Core if chosen
   c.MBI 684 Business Analytics Elective/Core if chosen
9.    Human Resource Management
   a.MGT 631 Training and Development Elective/Core if chosen
   b.MGT 632 Compensation and Benefits Elective/Core if chosen
   c.MGT 633 Talent Management Elective/Core if chosen
10.  Global Supply Chain Mangement
   a.MGT 641 Supply Chain Management Elective/Core if chosen
   b.MGT 642 Strategic Sourcing Elective/Core if chosen
   c.MGT 643 Distribution and Logistics Elective/Core if chosen
11.  Construction Management
   a.CMGT 622 Contract Administration for Construction Projects Elective/Core if chosen
   b.CMGT 621 Advanced Controls for the Construction Project Elective/Core if chosen
   c.CMGT 620 Managing Risk in Construction Elective/Core if chosen
12.  Legal Studies
   d.LAW 885 Digital Commerce and the Law Elective
   e.LAW 985 Digital Privacy and Security Elective
   f. LAW 994 Emerging Technologies and the Law I Elective
   g.LAW 884 Emerging Technologies and the Law II Elective
h.LAW 911 Law for Entrepreneurs Elective
13.  Social Entrepreneurship
   a.ENTP 520 Intro to Social Entrepreneurship Elective/Core if chosen
   b.LAW 985 Social Entrepreneurship Skills Elective/Core if chosen


Tuition & Living Expense

Year Fees Type
1st Year ₹1500 Application fees
₹7,00,000 Tuition fees
₹0 Living expense
2nd Year USD $11,500 (approx ₹8,50,000 ) Estimated Tuition fee
USD $8,000 (approx ₹6,00,000 ) Estimated Living expense

Addition expenses

Particulars Tentative Expense
Health Insurance ₹ 1,87,500
IELTS Registration ₹ 14,700
VISA fees USD $160 (approx ₹ 12,00)
Airfare USD $850 (approx ₹ 63,750 )


Award Amount $7,500 or $8,500

Course Co-Ordinator

Jay Bhatt

Assistant Professor

Department of Management Studies Convener, Entrepreneurship Cell, VIT Member - BMA

I got into the academic field after an overall 17 years of industry experience. It was this industry experience for which I have been teaching subjects ranging from Marketing to Operations to International Business. Being born in an entrepreneurial family, it was only natural to follow the footsteps of my predecessors. I had joined my father in business long before I had graduated. We were into assembling and marketing of bio-medical equipment, mainly physiotherapy equipment. After having joined, I expanded the product range to include imported equipment mainly of American and Italian make. I also successfully entered into exports mainly through channels into the African markets! I managed to expand the annual turnover to three times the original size and sustained it at that level for more than half a decade! It was due to this experience that I have been successfully teaching Entrepreneurship Management and run an Entrepreneurship Cell. In the later stage, I moved into the job market to begin my career afresh.

I then joined Zycus Software Pvt. Ltd. as a Health Care Business Analyst as I had a rich experience of medical equipment and devices. My main role was UNSPC classification. My experience with an Indian MNC I.T. company helped to teach subjects like Technology Management. I realized that to go ahead I had to have a higher qualification. I worked on the side and enrolled for an MBA degree in an American University. I felt since I was out of the SME sector and into the bigger world, I had to have a global exposure. I took a sabbatical from work, used up my life savings and got into academics after a gap of 15 years! My stay in the U.S. and exposure to the American universities changed the course of my life and my thinking to a large extent. Earlier academics was something to leave behind…...I suddenly realized I loved academics and the academic environment! Continual interactions with the faculty and having spent a large time with American academics made my decision concrete of starting my second innings in academics and I continue to remain thankful for that.

On my return I started working with a medico marketing company and also started working as a visiting faculty at N.M.I.M.S. After a couple of years, I joined Vidyalankar as a full-time faculty. I then realized that it was due to my varied industry experience. My other professional interests which I am currently working on are business consulting and new product development. Being from the Biomedical industry, the new product ideas that I have in my mind are again medical devices which I intend to work upon, using my own capital, which I am currently accumulating, for using on R&D. Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur! The bug hasn’t left me still. Being the Convener of the Entrepreneurship Cell, I have almost made it my life’s mission to motivate students to become entrepreneurs. I am also pursuing my Doctoral program and looking to start new product development and consulting shortly.

Amongst my personal interests and hobbies, I love trekking and have been fortunate enough to have trekked the Himalayas and the Sahyadri range. I have trekked up the Gaumukh trail (the origin of the Ganges) twice. I swim very regularly and love long walks. I am passionate about cricket and had represented my school at various levels. That apart, I am also an avid reader, love to travel and a passionate foodie!




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