Royal Roads University – BBA

Royal Roads University – BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration

2 Years in India + 2 Years in Canada

About Royal Roads University

Royal Roads University has been an accredited, publicly funded, applied research university focused on lifelong education since 1995.
No matter what stage of your education, career, and life, they warmly welcome you to explore their university's history, present, and future. To be part of their vision of inspiring people with the courage to transform the world.
Whether you’re a member of our university community, considering attending Royal Roads, or visiting their campus for an event, you’ll find that they practice making Land acknowledgements at the start of meetings, presentations and events.
In these Lands, when a member of a different Indigenous nation visits the lands of another country, they seek permission, beginning by acknowledging the traditional presence of the nation they are visiting.


Nestled in the captivating setting of a National Historic Site, Royal Roads University's campus, just 25 minutes from Downtown Victoria, BC, offers a unique blend of academia and natural beauty.
Situated on the ancestral lands of the Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) and Lekwungen (Songhees) peoples, the university boasts a castle setting that has graced the screens in films like X-Men and Deadpool. Here, students enjoy a dynamic learning experience, studying both indoors and amidst the vibrant gardens, with research conducted in living laboratories. The renowned gardens and hiking trails, open to all, provide a scenic backdrop for education.

City Condition

Their mild climate makes them unique in Canada.
Flowers start blooming in January. Pale pink cherry blossoms pop open in February, announcing the beginning of spring. Tea plants thrive here, the only place in Canada where they grow with our blooms and green spaces dotting the landscape. You'll see why Victoria is the City of Gardens.
Their winters are damp and rainy, but they get less rain than in Vancouver or Seattle. They rarely get snow, and Their temperature hardly ever drops below freezing.
In general, you'll need a warm waterproof jacket and umbrella for our moderate coastal winter. Evenings can be calm even in the summer when the coastal wind picks up. Carry a coat or sweater.
Royal Roads is an important and valued Colwood partner. With more than 20,500 alumni active in 60 countries worldwide, the university brings positive international attention to our community. The university is involved in economic development on Vancouver Island and is a key stakeholder in building a sustainable and prosperous Colwood economy.


Campus accommodations provide a modest and yet affordable option in the campus core, within walking distance of historic Hatley Castle, classrooms and the Habitat Café.

Indian student association:

The Royal Roads University Student Association (RRUSA) is incorporated under the Society Act of British Columbia as the University's undergraduate student Association. All undergraduate students who have paid their fees are members of the RRUSA. Benefits of membership include the right to (a) vote in elections and referendums, (b) establish and join organisations under the control of RRUSA, (c) nominate or be nominated for the Council, and (d) stand for election or hold office in the Council.

Why Choose Royal Roads University ?

You come to Royal Roads to learn, study and achieve. And you will.

But what you may not expect is how much you'll learn about yourself. How much your time at Royal Roads will transform your life.

Their goal is to make your Royal Roads education a valuable and fulfilling experience. Your distinct life experiences, academic background and personal history will enrich every class you're part of.Like us, you're different, and that's why we want you here. Their educational approach isn't just about deep knowledge of the subject matter, but an even deeper knowledge of self.

Unique Learning Model

It is called EFFECTIVE as it helps students to be effective in their workplace

Online Learning

Allows students to work while they learn using online learning modules

Great Career Outcomes

Almost All our students have been placed in renowned MNCs.


Diversity enriches community. Royal Roads University is committed to appreciating and celebrating the diversity of students, faculty, and staff.

Sustainable Future

Environmental sustainability is not only intrinsically linked to our teaching and research mandate, it’s a challenge that calls for the kind of interdisciplinary and collaborative problem-solving at which we excel


Has affiliations many institutions professionally to give students hands on experience .

About Bachelor of Business Administration

Choosing to pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Royal Roads University offers a distinctive and enriching educational experience. The university's commitment to transformative learning extends beyond traditional academic boundaries. The BBA program at Royal Roads values not only the acquisition of business knowledge but also places a significant emphasis on personal growth and self-discovery. The unique learning environment, set in a National Historic Site with a castle backdrop, fosters creativity and critical thinking.

Program Structure

Career opportunities

Royal Roads University offers diverse career opportunities for Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) graduates. With a comprehensive curriculum and a focus on practical skills, graduates can pursue diverse roles. The university's emphasis on experiential learning and its strong network of industry connections provide graduates with a competitive edge in the job market.