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Perfect Combination of Indian and Global Study Methods


Vidyalankar’s sprawling campus of 11 acres as well as the strategically designed structural spaces provide a conducive environment for students pursuing professional careers.

Lectures by Professors from International Universities

Vidyalankar invites faculty from International Universities to train VSIT students. This enables the students to be acquainted with the teaching style, assignment patterns and evaluation method practiced in International Universities.

Lecturing via Video Conferencing

VSIT also organises lectures through Video Conferencing. This exposes the students to varied worldwide teaching methodologies.

Bridge Modules

The students, while at VSIT, undertake the Bridge Module to traverse the two curriculums. These Bridge Modules are jointly delivered by faculty of VSIT and the foreign universities.

Teaching Learning Assessment Workshops

To Understand the Teaching Methodologies at foreign universities in UK / USA the faculties do a joint “Teaching Learning Assessment Workshops” every year to make the transfer as easy as possible for the students and help them to adapt to the Teaching Methodologies in these Universities.

VSIT Live : The Online Submission Portal

VSIT has configured VSIT LIVE : Here the teacher uploads the course work assignments. The submission of the course work by the students has to be done online.

Live Projects and Poster Presentation

All the students are given individual projects which enhance various skill sets in them: like Self Learning, Time Management and Planning. These projects are evaluated by the faculty and the feedback is shared with the students.

VSIT has adopted the method of Poster Presentation where the overview of the Projects is displayed by the students.

Experiential Learning

Industry experts visit the college to address and share their professional experiences with the students.

Research Bend Training

To groom the student inculcate researcher’s attitude Vidyalankar publishes its own research magazine “Vijanan” where student’s research paper are published and they are motivated to participate in international journals.

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