The Path Breaking 1+1 International MBA program from USA

 In today’s world of globalization borders are present but only on the political maps. In businesses  Globalization, is described by theorists as the process through which societies and economies are integrated through cross border flows of ideas, communication, technology, capital, people, finance, goods, services and information.

For any country to progress globalization is now at the bay . To cater to the needs of such globalization, countries need skilled manpower in various fields of businesses that will prosper in the global economy  and hence the need of International MBA scholars.

Vidyalankar’s international 1+1 MBA program with University of Toledo ( the State University of Ohio, Accredited by AACSB)  is one such avenue which opens up the gates to understand the GLOBAL business environment. Its unique structure to study 1 year in India & 1 year in  USA enables learning with students of  different nationalities and diverse background.

Learning on various scenarios and case studies of global brands unfolds the challenges faced in global business world and also gives approach to overcome these challenges in the International Markets.

Any brand aspiring to go global would certainly require people trained in newest international market traits. Keeping this in mind, the International MBA program offers various specializations such as Marketing , Finance , Human Resource Development, Information Systems , Finance , Healthcare Management , Leadership Management , International Business and even Entrepreneurship  .

Students are even encouraged to take dual specialization to enhance their market value and becoming highly employable.

Generally it is observed that the MBA programs abroad is the game of people with deep pockets and many students are deprived from such brilliant opportunities . The 1+1 program reduces the cost of education to 50% by studying the first year in India with Vidyalankar.

The University of Toledo also recognizes the merit in students and offers scholarship of $ 9000; this further reduces the course expenses and become very affordable.

Another challenge faced by students is that they feel homesick when they are alone. In this program the cohort goes together & that much reduces their stress of being alone in a foreign land and hence can concentrate better on the studies.

Finally, the return on investment is surely the key in decision making. Program makes the job easier for the aspirants by having upto 3 years of  post study work visa called Optional Practical Training (OPT)  to students using which they can work fulltime in the USA.

Recruitment opportunities with the universities have brands like Amazon , Pepsico , Goldman Sachs recruiting students and offering packages ranging from $ 70,000  to $ 90,000.


Shubhra Sewalikar – MBA HR and International Business 2016 Graduate says

“The opportunity really changed my perspective to look at the business problem and that now helps me to come out with unique business solutions when I am working with pepsico as a HR screener”

Darlene Evans : Assistant Director Graduate Admissions says : “The University of Toledo is honored to partner with Vidyalankar. The students who enroll have proven to be serious scholars who avail themselves of the opportunities and resources provided by the University of Toledo. They have also shown professionalism in the classroom and in their dealings with university administration.”

Highlights of the course

  • 1 year in India,1 year in USA
  • Affordable
  • Upto 40% Scholarships
  • Upto 3 years work permit
  • Excellent job opportunities in international markets

Article Contributed by
Ms. Shweta Apte
Associate Dean – International programs
Vidyalankar Institute for International Education

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