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Thompson River University – BBA

BBA (Communications)

BBA -Thompson River University Canada

About Thompson River University

Since 1970, TRU has taken pride in providing an excellent education to every student who comes to us — we serve more than 25,000 students. From traditional academics to trades, from certificates to graduate degrees, TRU offers over 140 on-campus programs and 60-plus Open Learning programs. Our students apply what they learn in co-op work terms, study abroad, undergraduate research, field schools and practicums, service learning and other opportunities — with guidance and mentorship by our accessible faculty. Research, creation and innovation thrive in our open, flexible learning environment. And so do our students.


Our student recruiter–advisors, are excited to be able to welcome people back to our campus and are eager to show you an insider’s view of TRU. We begin the tour with introductions and a chance to learn more about the key interests of those in the group. During the tour, you will hear about some of our amazing amenities on campus. As you walk around, you’ll learn about our history, programs, services and more.
Tours take about one hour and include stops at some of our buildings such as The Arts and Education Building, Campus Activity Centre, House of Learning, our new Nursing and Population Health Building, Ken Lepin Building, Gymnasium, Culinary Arts Training Centre and Trades and Technology Building.


North Tower (off-campus accommodation)
Home to over 570 students, our modern, 11-storey tower has some of the best views in the city. Each private bedroom includes a desk, chair, double XL bed, TV and overhead lighting. Floors are co-ed, but individual units are either all female or all male. Choose either a two- or four-bedroom suite.
McGill Residence (off-campus accommodation)
McGill Residence has 300 self-contained rooms, divided into 75 units, in three buildings. Each unit shares a common area and a washroom. All residents have access to a central building with study and recreation space. Each housing unit is assigned to four males or four female students.
East Village (off-campus accommodation)
East Village is the newest addition to TRU Housing and is home to almost 300 students. East Village is located in the eastern part of campus and is a six-minute walk from the Old Main building.
Within East Village, students can choose between four-bedroom suites, or two/three-bedroom apartments. Each suite comes with a private bedroom, bathroom, full kitchen and dining area.
Apartments are the perfect option for upper-year students as they include all the amenities available in the suites, plus a spacious living area, a balcony and air conditioning. Both suites and apartments are fully furnished, with all utilities including wireless internet. All residents have access to a central building with recreation, study and laundry spaces.
West Gate Dormitories (off-campus accommodation)
West Gate Dormitories is a temporary, new addition to our campus housing that provides 114 self-contained private rooms starting in January 2022. These quality modular dormitories are fully equipped with upgraded finishes and amenities. Along with a private wshroom (including shower), every single room includes a double pillow top bed, desk and dresser, wall mount TV.

Indian student association:

TRUSU India Club is the Indian subcontinent community club at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada. Founded in 2009 by Amit Thakur, TRUSU India Club is the Indian subcontinent community club at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada. The population of Indian students studying at Thompson Rivers University (TRU) has been increasing every semester. There are 1000+ sub-continent students at TRU presently. Affiliated with the Thompson Rivers University Student Union (TRUSU), TRUSU India Club celebrates regional festivals and diversity rooted to ancient Indian culture.In the past, TRUSU India Club has organised various events on Indian Festivals, Diwali, Holi, Vaisakhi, Ram Navami, Welcome & Farewell Nights. .Rang De Basanti has emerged as a signature event of our club. It celebrates the three important festivals of India; Holi, Vaisakhi & Ram Navami. Diwali lightens the hearts of newly arrived students and gives them a sense of belonging in a new land.
Link for the association:

Why Choose Thompson River University ?

At Thompson Rivers University, student success is our priority. We empower our students to reach their goals with flexible learning options, individualised student services, hands-on learning opportunities, and a diverse, inclusive environment. Since 1970, TRU has taken pride in providing an excellent education to every student who comes to us — from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives, at various stages of the learning journey. We serve more than 25,000 students — on our campuses in Kamloops and Williams Lake and via distance or online courses and programs through Open Learning. From traditional academics to trades, from certificates to graduate degrees, TRU offers over 140 on-campus programs and 50-plus Open Learning programs. Our students apply what they learn in co-op work terms, study abroad, undergraduate research, field schools and practicums, service learning and other opportunities — with guidance and mentorship by our accessible faculty. Research, creation and innovation thrive in our open, flexible learning environment. And so do our students.

Large student Base

28000+ students enrolled in On campus and Online programs

Individual Attention

Average class size is 31 for all academic programs

Wide variety of Programs

More than 140 Programs on Campus


$2.5 million scholarship bursaries and awards for students every year


2000+ Employee: Faculty, support staff and administration


1000+ residential spaces for students

About Bachelor of Business Administration

This stream is designed to cover the practical and commercial applications of communication. If you have a knack for business, tourism, entrepreneurial, and public service ambitions, this program will show you how communication can enhance your business practices. Close tie-ups with the Tourism and Business faculties offer our students the benefit of preparing for a wide variety of business and event planning situations. No other such program exists in the Kamloops region.
This program offers graduates a background in communication history and theory, a wide reservoir of meaning-making skills (image-based, language-based, etc.), marketing knowledge, and event planning. The communication courses offer training in communication design strategies and the application of theory through practical application. Public relations graduates should be well-rounded professional communicators who are prepared to enter the public or private sectors.

Program Structure

The BA Communication course is a 4-year Bachelors’s Program. Students who have successfully completed the first 2 years of the Mumbai University BMM program at VSIT can opt to transfer to Thompson River University. Such students are accepted by Thompson River University directly into the 3rd year of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication program.


Applicants are required to meet minimum English language proficiency requirements for direct entry into academic programs. Students may meet this condition by either providing an acceptable English language proficiency test score (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) or by achieving an acceptable score on the TRU English Placement Test (EPT).
Students are strongly encouraged to complete an acceptance test prior to arriving to improve course selection options, but this is not mandatory.
NOTE: In order to verify all English language proficiency test scores, students must have an official copy sent directly to TRU Admissions from the testing agency. Copies of test scores provided to the ESAL department upon arrival will not be accepted. Students who fail to achieve the results for direct entry into academic programs will be placed in the appropriate level of English language study as indicated below.

Transfer Requirements

Career opportunities

Students can choose to focus on either public relations or new media studies. Study and practice from multiple perspectives: processes, production, composition, design, broadcasting, policy/law, criticism, and critique. Potential career areas include
Radio and Television
Public relations
Health care and social services

BS [Bachelor of Mass Communication]

Semester Course Name Type
Semester 1 Effective Communication-1 Core
Foundation Course Core
Visual Communication Core
Fundamentals of Mass Communication Core
Current Affairs Core
History Of Media Core
Semester 2 Effective Communication-2 Core
Foundation Course-2 Core
Content Writing Core
Introduction Of Advertising Core
Introduction To Journalism Core
Media, Gender and Culture Core
Semester 3 Electronic Media- I Ability Enhancement Elective Course (Any one)
Theatre And Mass Communication- I
Radio Program Production- Is
Motion Graphic And Visual Effects- I
Corporate Communication and Public Relations Discipline Specific Course
Media Studies
Introduction To Photography
Film Communication-I
Computers and Multimedia-I Practical
Semester 4 Electronic Media- II
Theatre and Mass Communication-II
Radio Program Production-II
Motion Graphics and Visual Effects-II
Ability Enhancement Elective Course (Any one)
Writing and Editing Media
Media Laws And Ethics
Mass Media Research
Film Communications-II
Computers and Multimedia-II
Discipline Specific Core
Semester 5 & 6 Introduction to Communications Core
Introduction to Professional Writing Core
Introduction to University Writing Core
Mass Communication and the Popular Culture Industry Core
Interpersonal Communication Core
Introduction to Multimedia Core
Technical Communication Core
Managing Festivals and Events Core
Staging Special Events Core
Introduction to Marketing Core
Marketing & Customer Service Core
Semester 7 & 8 Research Methods in Communication Core
Media and Public Relations Core
Organisational Communications Core
Journalism Career Preparation 1 Core
Journalism Career Preparation 2 Core
Journalism Career Preparation 3 Core
Semester 7 Event Marketing Electives
Technology and Communication Electives
Social Networks, Online Identities, and Internet Memes Electives
Introduction to Visual Culture (HTA) Electives
Electives Philosophy and Pop Culture Electives
Philosophy of Technology and Society Electives
Media Theory and History Electives
Introduction to News Photography and Videography Electives
Introduction to Reporting Skills and Techniques Electives
Career Management Electives
Digital Photography Electives
Graphic Application and Design I Electives
The World of Events Electives
Conference Management Electives
Human Resource Management Electives
Organisational Behaviour Electives
Management Information Systems Electives
Professional Selling Electives
Services Marketing Electives
Marketing Strategy Electives
Business-to-Business Marketing Electives
Marketing Research Electives
Social Media Marketing Electives
E-Commerce Electives
Consumer Behaviour Electives
International Marketing Electives
Integrated Marketing Communication Electives
Event Tourism Electives
The Culture of Events Electives
International Business Electives
Cross-cultural Management Electives
Course Name Type
Introduction to Financial Accounts Elective Course
Business Law
Business Statistics
Business Communication–I Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
Foundation of Human Skills Core
Business Economics–I
(Any One) Skill Enhancement Course
Foundation Course–I
Foundation Course in NSS–I
Foundation Course in NCC–I
Foundation Course in Physical Education–I
Principles of Marketing Elective Course
Industrial Law
Business Mathematics
Business Communication–II Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
Business Environment Core
Principles of Management
(Any One) Skill Enhancement Course
Foundation Course–II
Foundation Course in NSS–II
Foundation Course in NCC–II
Foundation Course in Physical Education–II
Information Technology in Business Management - I Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
Business Planning & Entrepreneurial Management Core
Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Strategic Management
(Any one) Skill Enhancement Course
Foundation Course (Environmental Management) - III
Foundation Course-Contemporary Issues-III
Foundation Course in NSS–III
Foundation Course in NCC–III
Foundation Course in Physical Education–III
Group A : Finance Electives Elective Selection
Group B:Marketing Electives
Group C:Human Resource Electives
Information Technology in Business Management - II Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course
Business Economics-II Core
Business Research Methods
Production & Total Quality Management
(Any two) Skill Enhancement Course
Foundation Course (Ethics & Governance) - IV
Foundation Course-Contemporary Issues-IV
Foundation Course in NSS–IV
Foundation Course in NCC–IV
Foundation Course in Physical Education–IV
Group A : Finance Electives Elective Selection
Group B:Marketing Electives
Group C:Human Resource Electives
Calculus for Business and Economics  Mathematics / Satistics Pre Requisites 
Economics and Business Statistics 2
Introduction to Business in Canada Lower Level Core
Financial Accounting Busniess Pre requisires
Management Accounting 
Canadian Comemrcial Law
Financial Management 
Human Resource Management
Managerial Economics  Upper Level Core
International Business
Business in Society
Supply Chain Management
Strategic Management Issues 
Portfolio and Equity Analysis Finance Major Requirements
Fixed Income and Alternative investments
Derivative Securities
Advanced Financial Management
International Financial Management
Financial Statement Analysis Plus Any three of 
Taxation for Decision-Making
Business Valuation and Restructuring
Personal Financial Management
Advanced Portfolio Management
Financial Institutions Management
Forecasting in Business and Economics
Consumer Behaviour Marketing Major Requirements 
Marketing Research
Marketing Strategy
Selected Topics in Business Administration Plus Any Five of 
Forecasting in Business and Economics
Professional Selling
Professional Sales Management
Services Marketing
New Product Development
Brand Management
Social Media Marketing
Retail Management
International Marketing
Integrated Marketing Communications
Business-to-Business Marketing
Organizational Theory and Design Human Resource Major Requirements 
Human Resource Planning and Staffing
Employee and Labour Relations
Employment Law
Total Rewards
Organizational Learning, Training and Development
Organizational Development and Change
Selected Topics in Human Resource Management


Tuition & Living Expense

Year Fees Type
1st Year ₹ 1,500 Application fees
₹2,25,000 Tuition fees
₹0 Living expense
2nd Year ₹2,25,000 Tuition fees
₹0 Living expense
3rd Year CAD $19,604 ( ₹1,137,032) Estimated Tuition fee
CAD $7,000 (₹406,000 ) Estimated Living expense
4th Year CAD $19,604 ( ₹1,137,032) Estimated Tuition fee
CAD $7,000 (₹406,000 ) Estimated Living expense

Addition expenses

Particulars Tentative Expense
Health Insurance
IELTS Registration ₹ 14,700
VISA fees CAD $150
Airfare CAD $850

Course Co-Ordinator

Rumeli Sharma

Commerce & Management

Assistant Professor

Commerce & Management

I was sitting idly on my balcony when my mom brought me a plate full of mango slices with the seed separated, which took me back to the summer holidays. Summers were always a gateway to a world that was full of love and togetherness. As a family, we always travelled to different places as my father served the nation, and I, as a small girl, had big dreams and travelling gave a vision to these dreams.

As contrary to now, I was a shy and quiet child. I never initiated any conversation which was a surprise to my parents as I am from a family of strong and independent women. Even though I was an introvert, I was never scared to going behind things that appealed to me. Family always played a crucial role during my growing years especially my mother who always encouraged me to attempt things rather than regretting them later. If I learnt courage from my mother, my father gave me an open sky to fly. Like any little girl, my dreams kept on changing but I always liked reading books which was an escape for me to enter a world full of imaginations. I believe I understood the meaning of creativity through books and that was a huge turning point of my life. Belonging from a background of engineers, it was quite a challenging job to convince my family to take up English Literature as my major subject. A new phase of my life started when I studied Literature as I imbibed an interest in me to communicate about an endless journey experiences with people about my observations.

Therefore, I thought of entering a field that encourages an exchange of ideas and creativity with young minds. I started my career as a teacher in 2008, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I had never learnt so many different facets of a teacher that goes behind teaching in the classrooms. In 2015, when I joined Vidyalankar School of Information Technology, I took subjects of Communication and Management that helped me to broaden my horizon as a teacher. It is being said that “Teaching is an Art” and very rightly it applies to my job profile. As a Communication faculty, I realised that language and communication played a pivotal role to enhance one’s personality. Hence, as a team member of the Communication and Media department, I was part of many pieces of training and lectures that had been arranged for both students and faculty. .In VSIT, I learnt that online education is significantly enhancing and diversifying opportunities to drive our own learning. These trends in online education are creating new opportunities for learning and new models for success and hence breaking ties with traditional methods of teaching.

Vidyalankar School of Information Technology is amongst the most popular colleges in the city, offering undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes in IT, Commerce, Management and Mass Media. Vidyalankar School of Information Technology is a college affiliated with the University of Mumbai and approved by the Government of Maharashtra.




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