Trending BMM Specializations in New Zealand


Trending BMM Specializations in New Zealand

New Zealand is emerging as one of the popular destinations for studying abroad. Being the safest country in the world, a small island nation with spectacular landscapes, friendly and diverse communities, and a relaxed lifestyle make it an unbeatable place to live and study for international students. 

It provides a world-class education system with a unique hands-on learning approach and a plethora of opportunities during the program and even after graduation that makes all the universities here rank in the top 3% of the world. 

With a flexible working hour system, the students here can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week while studying with an hourly pay of NZ$ 7 – 9 NZ$ while full-time a week during scheduled holidays. Studying BMM at New Zealand universities can also give opportunities to work at globally esteemed organizations.   

Perks of Studying in New Zealand. 

  • Popular country for ex-pats across the globe 
  • High-class education: All Universities rank in the top 3% of the world  
  • Healthy and easily manageable working hours: Hourly pay system 
  • Student career planning services: Helping with pathways after graduation 
  • Stay-back Visa: For up to 3 years 
  • Job Opportunities: To work at globally esteemed organizations 
  • High Standard of Healthcare 
  • Gain Life Skills: Plethora of opportunities for personal and professional development 
  • Unbeatable Lifestyle: Incredible work-life balance 
  • Multicultural and welcoming: Diverse communities and an accepting culture 

Trending BMM Specializations With Career Options. 

B.A. in Multimedia and Mass Communication Degree is know as B.A. in Communication Degree. 

1. Public Relations. 

Are you someone with good networking and interpersonal skills, has unique ideas, and likes to take the initiative and risks head-on? Public Relations might be the Career option for you.  

Work closely with journalists and other media organizations, and be the crucial link between the company and the public, managing the publicity and reputation of the company. 

And not just this but to take it up a notch with your creativity and mindfulness, work on crisis and issues management, various events, sponsorships, fundraising, employee relations, and government relations. 

Career options: Public Relations Executive, Media Relations Advisor, Press Secretary, Sponsorship Manager, and Fundraising Manager. 

2. Science Communication. 

Does Science fascinates you as a subject but not have had the opportunity to work on it due to your Arts or Commerce background? Science Communication can help you with that. 

Here understand the scientific, environmental, technological, and health-related challenges and communicate them in lay-mans language. Learn communication techniques, theory, and practical skills and help people understand the broad nuances related to the sector’s tough stuff. 

With a Science Communication degree, one can be a Freelance Science Journalist, Medical Affairs Manager, Public Information Officer at a University or College, Science News Editor, Research Analyst, and Scientific Advisor of a law firm or venture capital firm. 

3. Journalism. 

If you are a quick thinker, a creative writer, a narrator, an effective communicator with good convincing ability, have an interest in reading, like to research and go to the depth of a particular thing; Journalism might be a specialization for you.  

Journalism itself is a renowned specialization when it comes to BMM. Work in those glamorous but busy television and radio newsrooms, digital or print media. Journalism isn’t limited to either reporting or anchoring and is much more than that.  

Being up to date with everything and having good time management skills can give you many opportunities in this vast field of Journalism. Live reporting, story publication, news production, and investigative feature writing are a few fields you can consider. 

A journalist degree can offer many jobs such as a Specialist writer, Web editor, and News reporter for magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and digital media. 

4. Communication and Technology. 

Does artificial intelligence fascinate you? Are you someone who believes there should be no boundaries in the world? Or a sci-geek who likes to play with data? Want to learn about the fascinating interplay between humans, technology, and culture?  

Build and create a better society by investigating the connections between humans and social media, the online privacy norms, digital ethics, “big data” surveillance, and the existing perspective on data and technology with this specialization. 

Communication and Technology degree have digitally focused career options such as content production, advertising, sustainability, media, and advocacy. 

5. Marketing. 

All the creative people, initiators, orators, ideators, and out-of-the-box thinkers out there; this specialization is for you!  

Marketing is another renowned specialization with multiple career opportunities. You can give a flow to your creativity and work with artistic personalities to build a strong network. And create a brand that stands out from the competition. 

Marketing degree has career options like Marketing manager, Sales manager, Digital marketing specialist, Brand and campaign manager, Content marketing writer, and market researcher. 

6. Film and Media Studies. 

Whoever you might be – a Film buff who is obsessed with the silver screen, a Film Critic, a person who looks for the story and the character’s portrayal, or even the one who prefers to work behind the camera; this specialization can give you the skills you need to work in the Industry!    

A Film and Media Studies specialization is the top choice if you are interested in working in the Film Industry, Broadcasting Industry, Photography Industry, and other related areas. 

Film and Media Studies has career options like Assistant Director, Digital Content Producer, Film Publicist, Professor, critical analyst, and Curator. 

7. Political Communication. 

Are you a Leader?  Have an interest in Politics and want to work with the political party? Are you a public speaker? Can you convince people? If yes, then Political Communication is that specialization that might take you to your goal.  

Be a political marketer and help create influence in the political process. Examine how the government is justifying the access of citizens’ personal online information and recording the same under the name of mass communication monitoring.  

A Political Communication degree prepares an individual to work in political campaign staff, public affairs organizations, government-related media entities, speech writing, Political Journalism, and as a Foreign correspondent. 

What is the average cost of Living in New Zealand? 

The average cost of living depends on the lifestyle you choose. 

Amenities Price range 
Living On-campus NZD$ 210 – NZD$ 555 / week 
Average cost of shared rental NZD$120 – NZD$ 200 / week 
Average cost of Private flat NZD$ 180 – NZD$ 200/ week 
Groceries NZD$ 30 – NZD$ 50/ week 
Medical insurance NZD$ 200 – NZD$700/ year 
  • For students, there’s a 30% discount on travel charges. 
  • One can save approximately NZD$ 5,000 – NZD$ 6,000/ year during the program by doing part-time jobs.  

Note: All prices are indicative. 

What is the average cost of Studying in New Zealand? 

The average cost of studying depends upon the level of education one is pursuing. On the official government website for studying in New Zealand, you can find a complete list of all universities with their programs and tuition fees. 

  • For the Bachelor’s degree per year can cost you around NZD$ 22,000 – NZD$ 35,000. 
  • For a full Bachelor’s Degree (3 years) costs around NZD$ 66,000 – NZD$ 70,000.    
  • To reduce the cost of study, students can work part-time and support themselves.  
  • Don’t forget to apply for scholarships. 

Note: All prices are indicative. 

List of Universities offering BMM Specializations with tuition fees and program duration: 

University Campus Location Specialization Tuition Fees Program Duration 
Auckland University of Technolgy Auckland, New Zealand 1) Advertising and Brand Creativity  2) Digital Communication   3) Journalism   4) Public Relations   5) Radio and Audio Media   6) Screen Production    1) NZD$ 34,546/ year  2) NZD$ 31,635/ year 3) NZD$ 34,115/ year  4) NZD$ 34,565/ year  5) NZD$ 30,655/ year  6) NZD$ 31,635/ year  3 Years 
University of Otago Dunedin, New Zealand 1) Film and Media studies   2) Communication Studies  1) NZD$ 32,352/ Year  2) NZD$ 31,366/ year 3 Years 
University of Canterbury Christchurch, New Zealand 1) Communication Strategy and Practice  2) Journalism   3) Political Communication   4) Media and Communication  1) NZD$ 32,274/ year  2) NZD$ 32,274/ year   3) NZD$ 32,274/ year  4) NZD$ 32,274/ year 3 Years  
Victoria University of Wellington Wellington, New Zealand 1) Media Studies   2) Intercultural Communication   3) Marketing communication   4)Literary and Creative Communication   5) Linguistics   6) Science Communication   7) Political Communication 1) NZD$ 34,858/ year  2) NZD$ 30,546/ year   3) NZD$ 30,546/ year   4) NZD$ 32,415/ year   5) NZD$ 30,546/ year  6) NZD$ 32,415/ year   7) NZD$ 30,520/ year 3 Years 
University of Auckland Auckland, New Zealand 1) Communication and Social Change  2) Communication and Technology   3) Communication in Leadership  1) NZD$ 36,833/ year  2) NZD$ 36,833/ year  3) NZD$ 36,833/ year 3 Years 
University of Waikato Hamilton, New Zealand 1) Marketing   2) Public Relations    3) Creative Media   4) Media Production   5) Applied Digital Communication 1) NZD$ 34,735/ year    2) NZD$ 34,518/ year   3) NZD$ 34,518/ year  4) NZD$ 34,518/ year  5) NZD$ 34,735/ year 3 Years 
Massey University Palmerston North, New Zealand 1) Communication Management  2) Digital Marketing  3) Expressive Arts and Media Studies  4)Journalism   5) Linguistics    6) Media Studies   7) Public Relations 1) NZD$ 30,520/ year  2) NZD$ /year  3) NZD$ 28,150/ year  4) NZD$ 32,566/ year  5) NZD$ 31,320/ year  6) NZD$ 40,117/ year   7) NZD$ 31,320/ year  3 Years 

Note: The tuition fees mentioned in the above table are indicative. 


It’s the Best time to shift for professional purposes. Benefits for the ‘ex-pats’ like hourly pay for work, healthy and manageable working hours, additional three years post-study work visa, and first-hand work experience can give you opportunities to work at esteemed organizations all around the world. 

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