University of Lethbridge – BS (CS)

University of Lethbridge – BS (CS)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

2 years in India + 2 years in Canada

About University of Lethbridge

The U of L is respected around the globe as a research-intensive, comprehensive university. Here, you’ll find yourself at the centre of a student-focused environment that nurtures innovation, critical thinking and creativity. From financial support to one-on-one mentorship and individualised career advice, you’ll find support every step of the way.

As a student at the U of L, you are viewed as a partner and a colleague. You’ll be given opportunities to collaborate and share your unique ideas, ask questions and find answers. When you reach graduation, you will have the confidence you need to succeed in whatever you do, whether that means pursuing further education, teaching in an academic setting or establishing a professional career.


Eat and shop
Food Services
Includes Urban Market, a market-style cafe in University Hall, as well as Carvery & Bakery, Subway, Starbucks, Booster Juice and Tim Hortons outlets.
The Zoo Pub & Grill
Relax in The Zoo's casual, comfy atmosphere and choose from an array of appetisers, soup and salads, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches and more.
Food court and convenience stores. Whether you want a hearty meal or a light snack. Our food court offers a variety of options to suit any craving as well as Rockerman’s Service Centre, the on-campus convenience.
With textbooks, stationery, clothing, giftware, computer accessories and more, the Lethbridge Bookstore has something for everyone.

City Conditions

We are one of Canada’s sunniest cities (320 days of sunshine each year). Bring sunscreen and shades.
Think of a flowing landscape running along the river valley. Once you see them, you’ll never forget them.
Yes — windy days warm our winters. But the breeze is indicative of our people. It’s a force that moves us all to do more. Be more. Be better. We don’t settle. And neither will you.
Home to 95,000 people, Lethbridge is a place where ideas grow. We are a campus community. Culturally vibrant with a flourishing arts scene and active social scene. Alberta’s big sky. Stunning scenery (the High-Level Bridge and the Oldman River). Four distinct seasons. Spectacular sunrises and glowing sunsets. Look west, and you’ll see vast prairies and the peaks of the Rocky Mountains, which are only a short drive away (unbelievable skiing, boarding, biking, hiking and camping opportunities await). Drive anywhere in our city in 20 minutes—Park with pocket change.
With both a college and a university, Lethbridge is a varsity town. This means there is plenty to do both on campus and off. Listen to a band, go for coffee, watch a movie (we have a theatre — owned and operated by a Lethbridge alumnus — where movies are only $4!), check out a festival square or go to a play in Galt Gardens, sing at an open mic or check out a comedy show. There’s truly something for everyone.
Urban & regional studies (URS) delves into the physical, social, economic and political factors that shape our cities. It looks at the role of planning to manage dynamic forces of change such as immigration, global warming, ageing populations, energy conservation, congestion, urban forests, homelessness and smog, to name just a few.
As a URS student at the University of Lethbridge, you will learn to approach contemporary development challenges from various frames of reference. Issues include the evolving social, ethnic and architectural character of urban neighbourhoods, the decline of agricultural service centres in the west or the governance of urban sprawl.
This multidisciplinary major will provide you with a broad range of conceptual and practical tools to understand cities and regions. URS is housed in the Department of Geography & Environment, but as a multidisciplinary major, the program includes courses outside the department’s offerings, such as anthropology, economics, political science, sociology and statistics.
The knowledge and experience you gain in the URS program will provide an exceptional stepping stone, whether you choose to continue your studies to the master’s or doctoral level or to enter the working world. Either way, you will have the educational background to play an important role in providing an understanding of, and solutions for, some of our most pressing urban and regional concerns.


The U of L was established in 1967. One of the founding principles was that the University should encourage students to live in residence in order to obtain the greatest exposure to and benefits from the academic experience.
At the U of L, our residences are designed to support you both academically and socially. Living in Residence will aid you in the transition to University life, and allow you the opportunity to forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our Residences

The University of Lethbridge is located in traditional Blackfoot Confederacy territory. We honour the Blackfoot people for whom our residence buildings are named, and their traditional ways of knowing in caring for this land, as well as all Aboriginal peoples who have helped shape and continue to strengthen our University community.
Non-Smoking Residences
Our U of L residences are home to over 900 single students. Please be reminded that it is a housing violation to smoke in residence. As defined in the U of L Smoking Policy:
4.1 “Smoking” means to carry or possess a lit cigarette, cigar, pipe, electronic cigarette, personal vaporizer or electronic nicotine delivery system or to use a tobacco and smoking related product in any manner, or the smoking of any other substance.

Indian student association

ISA is an organisation for international students and Canadian students to get involved with the university and community by means of an open forum, support tool and opportunity to interact and meet each other. With social media, we can experience different cultures and languages. As well as sharing photos, documents or videos in a respectful environment. Our campus life away from home should be memorable and fun, we want to be part of that support. From ISA Executives.

Why Choose University of Lethbridge ?

Public University

Advantages of State Public University

Internship Opportunities

Co- op options allows students to take real life work experience

Modern Facilities

200 acres campus with most modern amenities

Almost 100% Placements

Students from Computational science are recruited by TOP MNCs like IBM, AT&T etc

Generous Scholarship

Generous Scholarship to deserving students

Industry Linkages

Lethbridge University has strong linkages with Local Business Community

About Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Faculty members in the Department often involve undergraduate students in their research projects, using state-of-the-art facilities and equipments. Many have independent research programs supported by agencies such as NSERC or IBM Canada. Many projects are conducted in collaboration with other departments, community members and employers—giving you the opportunity to get additional hands-on experience while you earn your degree.

Program Structure

    • The B.S. (CS) course is a 4-year bachelor’s Program.
    • First and Second Year of the program will be taught by Vidyalankar as per guidelines given by Lethbridge University.
    • Students will be studying all articulated courses gathering 60 credits before transfer
    • Students who successfully complete 4 semester at Vidyalankar can opt to transfer to Lethbridge University directly into the 3rd year of BS(CS) program
    • After completing 5 semesters at Lethbridge University, students will be awarded BS(CS) degree from Lethbridge University
    • Accelerated MS- Students wanting to pursue MS in Lethbridge and maintain 3.0/4.0 GPA can complete the MS in Computer Science in 1 year and GRE will be waived off

Excellent Career Opportunities

It can take time to identify career goals, and they will likely change & shift as you learn more about yourself. As a result, consider your career plan as a living document that can be further developed throughout your time at the University of Lethbridge. The goal is not necessarily to have it all figured out, but rather to be consistently engaging in experiences that help you work towards making career decisions that prepare you for your career beyond graduation. Career Possibilities Making connections with others is one of the best ways to learn about the world of work and gain access to career-building opportunities, Making meaningful connections with people is often called building a network. Building these connections can give you access to jobs before they are posted, or to jobs that are not publicly posted. Employers like to hire people they have already built relationships with, and are more likely to hire people who have been recommended by trusted colleagues and friends. Start building your network by attending Career Fairs and other on-campus recruitment events found on the Career Services Events page within the Career Bridge portal. Get introduced to career professionals in a welcoming and approachable way through Lethbridge Connect at Ten Thousand Coffees. Consider joining a professional association to help you find opportunities to meet experienced professionals in your field, find training opportunities, be paired with a mentor, or get involved in committees or other volunteer positions. The professionals in your field, find training opportunities, be paired with a mentor, or get involved in committees or other volunteer positions.
Entry Level
These jobs are normally intended for new graduates and require 0 to 2 years of experience. It is important to note that many entry level positions require some related experience or demonstrated ability to perform job-related tasks. Even those positions that do not require experience will still prefer an experienced candidate, if one is available.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Semester Course Name Type
Semester 1 Programming Principle with C Core
Digital Logic and Applications Core
Fundamentals of Database Management Systems Core
Computational Logic and Discrete Structure Core
Technical Communication Skills Ability Enhancement Skill Course
Programming Principles with C Practical Core Subject Practical
Digital Logic and applications Practical Core Subject Practical
Fundamentals of Database Management Systems Practical Core Subject Practical
Computational Logic and Discrete Structure Practical Core Subject Practical
Technical Communication Skills Practical Ability Enhancement Skill Course Practical
Semester 2 Object Oriented Programming with C++ Core
Fundamentals of Micro-Processor and Microcontrollers Core
Web Applications Development Core
Numerical Methods Core
Green IT Ability Enhancement Skill Course
Object Oriented Programming with C++ Practical Core Subject Practical
Fundamentals of Micro-Processor and Microcontrollers Practical Core Subject Practical
Web Applications Development Practical Core Subject Practical
Numerical Methods Practical Core Subject Practical
PL/SQL Practical Core Subject Practical
Semester 3 Python Programming Skill Enhancement Course
Data Structures Core
Computer Networks Core
Database Management Systems Core
Applied Mathematics II Core
Python Programming Practical Skill Enhancement Course Practical
Data Structures Practical Core Subject Practical
Computer Networks Practical Core Subject Practical
Database Management Systems Practical Core Subject Practical
Mobile Programming Practical Core Subject Practical
Semester 4 Core Java Skill Enhancement Course
Introduction to Embedded Systems Core
Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques Core
Software Engineering Core
Computer Graphics and Animation Core
Core Java Practical Skill Enhancement Course Practical
Introduction to Embedded Systems Practical Core Subject Practical
Computer Oriented Statistical Techniques Practical Core Subject Practical
Software Engineering Practical Core Subject Practical
Computer Graphics and Animation Practical Core Subject Practical
Semester 5 - 8
Campus - Lethbridge
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Electives and some core courses may change according to pre-requisites required for selected specialization/major
  • Students must also study some of mandatory courses (apart from provided electives) after transferring as directed by the university
  • Number of transferrable credits from Vidyalankar are


Tuition & Living Expense

Year Fees Type
1st Year ₹1500 Application fees
₹3,75,000 Tuition fees
₹0 Living expense
2nd Year ₹3,75,000 Tuition fees
₹0 Living expense
3rd Year CAD 20,000 Estimated Tuition fee
CAD 10,200 Estimated Living expense
4th Year CAD 20,000 Estimated Tuition fee
CAD 10,200 Estimated Living expense

Addition expenses

Particulars Tentative Expense
Health Insurance
IELTS Registration ₹ 14,700
VISA fees CAD 150
Airfare CAD 1620

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