University of Waikato – BS (CS) – 3+2.5


Bachelor of Computer Science

3 Years in India + 2.5 Years in New Zealand

About University of Waikato

Gain a globally recognised education from the University of Waikato, where they create opportunities for you to apply your knowledge and skills in internationally ranked subjects and real work environments. With over 100 subjects to choose from across our two beautiful campuses in Hamilton and Tauranga, the University offers study pathways for everyone. At Waikato they believe in education on a human-level and they are committed to nurturing individuals to reach their full potential.


Nestled in New Zealand’s heartland, Hamilton and Tauranga are two of our country’s fastest growing cities, both within an easy commute to Auckland. Enjoy the lifestyle you want without the expense of living in a major city. And then there’s the region beyond – some of the country’s best beaches, mountains, lakes and attractions are on our doorstep for you to enjoy.

City Conditions

Auckland has been named the world’s most livable city for the past 7 years in a row. This is due to its great access to job opportunities, diverse culture, and a plethora of activities to do. With temperature averages of between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius (71 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit) for the months of December, January, and February and highs of 30 degrees Celsius. Snow rarely falls in the coastal areas of the North Island and west of the South Island, although the east and south of the South Island may experience some snow in winter.


At Waikato, they provide a range of different accommodation options for their students studying at both thier Tauranga and Hamilton campus. Find out more about our accommodation options here,

International student association

The Waikato student experience is memorable. They have a diverse group of people with different cultures and ideas, which creates a vibrant student atmosphere. With their range of student clubs and on and off-campus events, you will be on your way to making great friends and lasting memories.

Why choose Waikato ?

The University of Waikato will provide you with the foundational knowledge and experience you need to achieve your career and life goals. With our focus on academic excellence and innovation, you will become part of a group known for making a big difference in the world around them.

Top Ranking

Waikato has always in ranked in TOP 7 Universities in the New Zealand.

Practical Learning

The course offers hands-on learning on how CS is used in Industry.

Great Career Outcomes

Almost all our students have been placed in renowned MNCs.

Internship Opportunities

After completing 3rd year students get opportunity to take up internship in renowned companies

Excellent Support

International Office is very efficient to handhold all International Students

Great Campus Life

Various clubs and committees help students nurture their personality in a holistic way

About Bachelor of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is an degree that provides a comprehensive education in the principles and practices of computing. This program covers a wide range of topics, including programming, algorithms, data structures, software engineering, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity. Students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for various roles in the technology industry, such as software development, systems analysis, and IT consulting.
The degree also lays a solid foundation for further studies and research in computer science and related fields.
  • Level :


  • Duration :

    3 Years at Vidyalankar & 2.5 Years at University of Waikato (New Zealand)

  • Major :

    Bachelor of Computer Science

  • Specialization :

    • Data Analytics
    • Embedded Systems

Program Structure

Excellent Career Opportunities

A Bachelor of Computer Science opens the door to a wide array of promising career opportunities.They find ample opportunities in industries like finance, healthcare, technology, research institutions, and more. The interdisciplinary nature of computer science also allows for flexibility, enabling graduates to contribute to diverse fields and stay at the forefront of technological advancements.



1st Year₹ 1,500Enrollment fees
₹ 1,10,000Tuition fees
₹ 0Living expense
2nd Year
₹ 1,10,000Tuition fees
₹ 0Living expense
3rd Year
₹ 1,10,000Tuition fees
₹ 0Living expense
4th YearNZD $25,377Estimated Tuition fee
NZD $15,000Estimated Living expense
5th YearNZD $25,377Estimated Tuition fee
NZD $15,000Estimated Living expense
6th YearNZD $25,377Estimated Tuition fee
NZD $15,000Estimated Living expense
*Fees might change as per the University Guidelines

Other Fees

ItemTentative Expense
IELTS Registration₹ 16,500
VISA feesNZD $375

Our Alumni

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