About Us

About Us

We are the pioneers in developing the Global Pathway Programs

Our Global Pathway program gives students the best of both worlds; studying initial years with us in India offers students a solid foundation. The academic rigor makes them ready to take on international challenges eventually. Vidyalankar has a legacy of countless successful candidates over these 16 years of operation.

Our Vision

To enable learners to access High-Quality International Education through structured pathway programs.

OUR Mission

Foster a strategic network of Global Partners with a high academic and industry reputation. Provide High-Quality International Education for our learners. Provide High – Impact education abroad experience opportunities to our faculty and staff.


Global Experience

Our Pathway programs blend the best of Indian and International education to prepare students for academic rigor and challenges with our skilled teachers.


Studying half the program in India cuts expenses by 50%, along with partnerships offering scholarships to deserving students.

International Placements

The program offers deserving students opportunities to work in the global marketplace with high-paying job profiles