MBA in USA Without GMAT

MBA in USA Without GMAT

Graduate Management Admission Test also known as GMAT is an essential examination for the admission process to get accepted by the majority of top business schools worldwide.

GMAT tests a student’s verbal, analytical as well as quantitative reasoning skills. However, there are several universities in the US which do not require the applicants to include their GMAT scores in the admission process instead they consider other elements.

The universities can assess your professional attitude, skills which you acquired during your previous employment and your ability to work in a fast paced and dynamic work environment. So, if you’re planning to pursue MBA from top universities in the USA but you haven’t prepared for GMAT, don’t worry as you can now pursue MBA in USA without GMAT.

Alternatives for studying MBA in USA without GMAT are: –

1. Work Experience

Multiple universities ask for a few years of work experience from students to study MBA in the US. It is a quite common criteria owing to the practical skillset one gets to develop in an actual work environment. This helps the university you have chosen to determine your eligibility.
For MBA courses without GMAT, universities ask candidates for at least 4 years of work experience and evaluate your aptitude, creativity, critical thinking skills, etc. through the SOPs (Statement of Purpose), LORs (Letter of Recommendation) which you submit.

2. Social Work

MBA is one of the best options to develop your character and personality. This is exactly the reason why many universities in the US have added social work such as volunteering experience and community service for students applying for the MBA program.Every business needs to ensure that they contribute resources, help their local communities and also volunteer for their services. This experience will turn out to be valuable for your career as well as the community.
The universities analyse this experience and with a view of empowering it, they have made it an essential part of their assessment process. Moreover, you learn how to adapt to different circumstances, develop critical thinking and great decision-making abilities.

3. Research Experience

Next crucial factor which helps you to distinguish yourself from other MBA applicants is your research experience. You can submit individual research projects or your collaboration with a team for research.
You can reach out to your supervisor to give you an LOR based on your performance on the project. This helps the university to determine your passion and expertise in your chosen subject and assist the admission committee to analyse your research skills.

4. Academic Performance

Your academic performance is one factor that puts more impact on your application than the ones mentioned before. You need to have a high GPA of about 3.3 on a scale of 4.0 or higher in your undergraduate degree as the universities can evaluate your academic credentials as an alternative to GMAT score.

Following are some of the universities where you can study MBA without giving GMAT : –

1. Florida International University (FIU)

FIU is one of the best universities where you can study MBA in the US without GMAT. Instead, you must have at least 2 years of work experience and a GPA of 3.25 and higher in your undergraduate degree in a business or a related field, to waive the GMAT requirements. If you don’t have an undergraduate degree in business or a related field, then you will require a GPA of 3.35 and higher.

2. Kellogg School of Management (Northwestern University)

Kellogg School of Management is one of the best B-schools in the United States. The school offers a 2-year MBA program in various streams and shapes future business leaders. Candidates are not required to submit their GMAT scores for the executive MBA program. And in the present pandemic situation, the university has announced a waiver for 3rd round for a full-time MBA program.

3. Rutgers Business School

If you want to pursue MBA from Rutgers Business School without GMAT, you must have at least 8 years of work experience and a GPA of 3.0 or higher. If you hold a master’s degree you are required to have 5 years of work experience.

4. University of Louisville (UofL)

For a GMAT waiver, UofL requires you to have at least 5 years of work experience under your belt or master’s degree/MD/PHD from an accredited university.

5. Darden School of Business (University of Virginia)

The Darden School of Business does not have minimum requirements for GMAT or GPA. If you take the GMAT multiple times, then the university will consider your highest total score when evaluating the application which you submit.

6. Lubin School of Business (Pace University)

Lubin School of Business offers a diverse range of MBA programs in Marketing, Finance, Business, etc. They promote theoretical as well as practical knowledge for their students and organize several workshops for the same purpose. The university offers a GMAT waiver to students who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher during their undergraduate program.

Alternatives to GMAT

Here are some other alternatives which universities can consider for those applying for MBA in USA without GMAT:

  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Strong CV/Resume
  • MBA Essays
  • Group Discussions
  • Interview

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