Top 10 Computer Science Universities in USA

Top 10 Computer Science Universities in USA

If you are interested in becoming an Analyst, Data Scientist, Developer, etc. then you should consider Computer Science as your program. Computer science is a rapidly evolving field with high demand and lucrative pay, attracting a large number of new students each year.

Computing expertise can solve complex, difficult problems with a single click. Such is the demand for technical knowledge and computer science graduates. Nowadays, every major university in the world has a full-fledged computer science department with a wide range of programs. The United States is no exception.

Why Choose the USA for Computer Science?

  • Top Universities around the world are here, and they provide good education.
  • A degree from one of the best Computer Science Universities in the United States provides an opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve under the supervision of leading experts in the field.
  • You can explore specializations in domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, and so on.
  • The United States provides these courses with a strong emphasis on research. This is an important aspect of practical learning because it allows students to be creative.

Top 10 Computer Science Universities in USA

University Location Specializations  Av. Tuition Fees 
Stanford University California, USA Artificial Intelligence Bio-computation Computer & Network Security Information Management & Analytics Human-Computer Interaction  35,000 USD- 75,000 USD per year 
Harvard University Cambridge, USA Artificial Intelligence Economics and Computer science Data-Management Systems Computer Graphics Computational Linguistics Robotics 40,000 USD- 59,000 USD per year 
California Institute of Technology Pasadena, USA Algorithmic Economics Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Computational Biology Graphics and Geometry Quantum Information & Computation 56,000 USD- 60,000 USD per year 
University of Chicago Chicago, USA AI & Machine Learning Data & Databases Security & Privacy Human-Computer Interaction Visual Computing 45,000 USD- 80,000 USD per year 
Yale University New Haven, USA Artificial Intelligence Computer Architecture Computer Graphics Operating Systems Database Systems 50,000 USD- 65,000 USD per year 
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, USA AI & Machine Learning Natural Language Processing (Computational Linguistics) Robotics Computational Biology and Biomedical/Clinical Informatics Algorithms and Computational Complexity  40,000 USD- 80,000 USD per year 
Columbia University New York, USA Computational Biology Computer Security Machine Learning Natural Language Processing Network Systems  40,000 USD- 70,000 USD per year 
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, USA Robotics Artificial Intelligence Data Bases & Data Mining Embedded & Mobile Systems Human-Computer Interaction  55,000 USD- 60,000 USD per year 
North Western University Boston, USA Systems & Networking Security and Privacy Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Vision and Graphics Robotics 50,000 USD- 60,000 USD per year 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, USA AI & Society AI for Healthcare and Life Sciences AI & Machine Learning Biological and Medical Devices and Systems Communications Systems Computational Biology Computational Fabrication and Manufacturing Computer Architecture  58,000 USD- 64,000 USD per year 

Eligibility And Documents Required 

  • SOP/Personal essay
  • Evidence of English proficiency, TOEFL/IELTS. Mandatory for non-English speaking country students.
  • Standardized tests like SAT/ACT scores to be submitted. Scores range differently for various institutes. 
  • Official high school transcripts with a minimum GPA of 3.2 or above on a 4.0 scale.   
  • Two LORs. Preferably one from a professional and the other from a school. 
  • Resume showing professional experience and community involvement. 
  • Health Insurance is an obligatory requirement.  
  • Syllabi from all post-secondary institutes attended (for transfer applicants). 
University Av. SAT scores required Av. ACT scores required Av. High School GPA required 
Stanford University 1440-1550 32-35 3.9 
Harvard University 1460-1580 33-35 3.6 
California Institute of Technology 1530-1570 35-36 3.7 
University of Chicago 1500-1560 33-35 3.4 
Yale University 1470-1560 33-35 3.6 
University of Pennsylvania 1460-1550 33-35 3.2 
Columbia University 1480-1560 33-35 3.6 
University of Michigan 1400-1540 32-35 3.6 
North Western University 1410-1540 33-35 3.5 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1520-1580 34-36 3.8 

Costs of Living and Studying in USA 

  • Studying Computer Science in the USA can cost you around $50,000/- to $90,000/- per year. Keep an eye on your chosen university’s official website, as each year university upgrades its tuition costs, so keep yourself updated. 
  • Living in the USA can cost you around $20,000/- to $35,000/- per year.  
  • Universities in the USA provide on-campus dorms to international students. 
  • Another option is off-campus lodging, where you can share flats with different international students or stay in a homestay with a nearby family. Rentals rates are different from place to place. 


This is a rapidly evolving field, and to advance your career, you must keep up with new trends, courses, and news in this industry, just as you would in any other. Lookout for any Scholarships, Fellowships, or Part-time jobs that will help you lessen your financial burden. 

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